JERSEY RISING: Jersey Helping Jersey Rise from the Rubble of Hurricane Sandy

I’m apart of a group of creative types trying to put together a Jersey folks helping Jersey folks-inspired benefit concert to aid those in need here on the Jersey Shore in the aftermath of Sandy and this latest storm.

We started out with a Facebook group page 48 hours ago that has swelled to 6K overnight. We’re working to finalize the basic details of the venue this weekend.

If you would like to be involved in some capacity, or have connections to NJ venues, promoters, businesses to auction gifts, etc., we would love to have you on board for this. We would like to put this together and stage it in the next few weeks, if possible, so we can strike while the iron is hot and help folks get back on their feet. Please join and indicate how you would like to be involved.


We’d love it if you’d “like” us over there.

The overwhelming support we’ve gotten already is going to make this a successful event because this?

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Can’t happen on my watch.


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