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NEW! Milk Thistle Shawlette Crochet Pattern

Details Project overview: The shawlette is worked from the top down starting with a pattern of open fan and v-stitches that decrease nearly to a point. Silver-gray stems and leaves jut outwards from the shawl’s edge and are worked into decrease stitches from the body. A row of violet flower buds and receptacles is worked followed […]

INSPIRATION: Milk Thistle Shawlette

 - MILK THISTLE SHAWLETTE I heart Google Images. I do about 11 billionty Google Image searches a day for ideas, inspiration, research, and in some cases shopping. It’s a virtual playground for visual people like myself who lead with their eyes in making sense of the world. So when over the summer I had a […]


I continue to be taken back to a place and time that I miss, a time when all things were less complex, a time even before I existed: Jersey shore, the mid-1800′s. Inspiration There’s a very small section of Point Pleasant that still exists today, an unincorporated section called, “Lovelandtown,” a small hamlet community. I […]

CROCHET PATTERN RELEASE – Metedeconk Beach Tote!

I know, don’t faint. I’m just releasing a pattern. It’s only been…two years (730+ days, but who’s counting?) It was about time. I had motivation thanks to Ravelympics (or whatever we’re calling it these days). Inspiration I must be missing home a lot because home has been on my mind. A lot. I miss living […]

On-The-Go Hobo (Re-Released)

Graphicsopolis. That’s what this has been about. Graphics, schmaphics. In between working on stuff for clients as well as a super secret cool pattern compilation project – for which I’m doing the graphics for and will tell you more about once it’s “live” – I’ve re-released the On-The-Go Hobo pattern. This pattern was originally published […]

Montauk Crochet Handbag Design Inspiration (What Makes YOU Tick?)

The Meaning of Creativity I find it fascinating to talk with other designers and ask them what makes them tick, what drives their internal engines to create and keep creating even in the face of self-doubt and frustration. The answers I get always lean towards an insatiable desire to put to real form what they’re […]

New Pattern: Montauk Crochet Handbag Released!

Here are some quick picture from my latest pattern release, “Montauk Handbag.” I’ve included a photo fan of the first four pages. You can see that there are a great deal of photos, illustrations, and diagrams to help the crocheter along the way. Don’t be afraid because it’s labeled “Intermediate.” I use a couple more […]

Holiday Hobo Almost a-Go!

I’m just finalizing the next pattern release as I type. I’m excited because this pattern ROCKS. Well, I like it anyways! It’s jam-packed with lots of instructional photos and diagrams. Matter of fact, I just whipped out this one this afternoon. Not bad for an hour’s worth of work. This illustration demonstrates how to sew the […]

Gemma Scarf – New Pattern Release!

Oh joy. Finally. A new pattern out there! This is my Gemma Scarf crochet pattern. I designed this before I left for LA last month, and I just got it out. (I’ve been weighed down, can’t you tell?) I love this scarf though. It’s very pretty and wearable. The yarn, however, not so fun to work with. It was […]

Presenting Surfer’s Citrus Bikini Crochet Pattern!

I finally published the Surfer’s Citrus Bikini! I feel like the weight of the world is off my back. It’s a 22 page document – no lie. The beginning of all my patterns are the same: First page is the intro with a large picture of the pattern, the second page is all the vital info […]

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