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NexStitch Headquarters, Underway!

I figured it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I updated everyone as to the current status of the office remodel. After I finished remodeling two weeks ago, I re-finished my desktop. It was a hot mess from years of neglect. Considering that my step-father built it for me, and he’s now been gone for two […]

Office Remodel Done! Now Where’s My Beer?

I had set myself the task of finishing the office remodel by midnight on Friday and what a squeaker it was because I wrapped it up last night at 11:50pm. Here’s a quick snapshot of me enjoying a celebratory Black IPA brewed by myself and my husband a few weeks ago in the room. More […]

Stain, *[polyurethane, sand, polyurethane]. Repeat from *.

Current Status: Sitting here with wet hair, smelling stain fumes pumping through the pipes in my house, and seriously craving some ice cream: Vanilla Peanut Butter Crunch with Chocolate Fudge, please. I’m working overtime just trying to finish up this office project. I had hoped to be done by now but I was derailed for […]

Office Remodel Update: Going Gaga

                Another quick update during the trim work process. We’re about a day behind on things but what’s being cranked out is a feast to beholden. I can’t stop looking at it. I think I’ve gone up and down the stairs to snatch sneak peeks of it at […]

Built-in Prettiness by Clarkworks, LLC

Swoon! Super excited! I have a bookshelf! I designed it and my contractor, Frank Clark of Clarkworks, LLC built it. He’s really amazing with the woodwork (his specialty). I’m already envisioning prettiness all over this thing. I might even use it to store projects I’m working on since I already have a yarn storage piece […]

Friday Night Special: Floor Sanding

So, what did you all do on Friday night? Me? I did what everyone else does on a Friday night: I was helping to sand floors in my office and the hallway until 11:30pm. I worked the Edgerrrr. That bad boy has a mind of it’s own. What a beast of a time it was […]

Cruising into…a Brick Wall.

Well, that’s what my body is saying this feels like. “This,” being all the back-breaking work I’ve been doing. I’ve been a monster worker this last week. Rather unstoppable, really. Every time I cross something off my “to do” list, I add twice as many things onto it. I think it’s some kind of litmus […]

Office Remodel (Update): Is it Done Yet?

Things are moving along quickly. In the last several days, I managed to get the room ripped out right down to the stud, which revealed a few interesting finds. Since then, the room has been insulated. It only took 2 days. That’s dripping with sarcasm in case you couldn’t tell:           […]

There’s No Going Back Now!

And I don’t want to. I just spent the last two days ripping out all the sheetrock and nasty, spent insulation from my office. What a mess. It was a disastastrophe. I did all the work myself on Day 1 and Mr. NexStitch helped me on Day 2. I think we amassed about 45 bags […]

“Moving on Up (To The Big Leagues…)”

I can’t resist a tasty reference to a tv show theme song from my childhood. I can’t help it. As I’ve stated in previously, my brain is wired like this: I say, think, or hear a word, and my brain tries to find a reference to something else (usually music or from tv) that matches […]

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