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Free Crochet Video Tutorial Intro: Learn to Crochet Video Series

There exists over 40 types of known crochet techniques in the world. Tunisian, traditional, cro-tat, filet, hairpin lace, and crochet on the double are amongst the most popular. Each has been passed down from preceding generations, which reinforces the argument that one-on-one instructional methods are vital for its continued use.

These free crochet video tutorials serve to further the art of crochet, as well as aid the beginner crochet enthusiast in learning this craft. Currently, we are featuring videos for traditional and tunisian crochet, but hope to add other techniques in the future. Each stitch tutorial video can be opened with the latest versions of Quicktime and Windows Media Player. Also accompanying each video is a large format image for up-close inspection.

Our videos and images are for your personal use only. We ask that you respect our copyright and refrain from posting them anywhere else online.

To begin, click one of the links to the left for Tunisian or Traditional crochet videos.

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