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So You Want to Learn How to Crochet?

The first step in learning how to crochet is familiarizing yourself with the basic terminology. All crochet patterns are written using abbreviated crochet terms in order to condense them for publication as well as ease of use. They're kind of like the 'nicknames' of crochet. For example "DEC" is short for "Decrease."

The following list comprises all standard crochet terms and their corresponding abbreviations. Once you are able to recognize the basic stitches, your next step is learning how to hold a crochet hook and yarn.Additionally, please see our free crochet video tutorials for assistance with learning these stitches and techniques.

Names of Stitches:

BO Bobble
BPdc Back Post Double Crochet
BPsc Back Post Single Crochet
BPtr Back Post Treble Crochet
CH Chain Stitch
CH- CH-x Space (such as CH-2 space)
CL Cluster Stitch
DC Double Crochet
DEC Decrease
DTR Double Treble
FPDC Front Post Double Crochet
FPSC Front Post Single Crochet
FPTC Front Post Treble Crochet
HDC Half Double Crochet
INC Increase
P Picot
PC Popcorn
SC Single Crochet
SC2TOG Single Crochet 2 Stitches Together
SL ST Slip Stitch
TR Treble Crochet
TRTR Triple Treble Crochet

Places to Put Stitches:

back post
bet between
bl back loop(s)
ch-sp chain space
FP front post
lp(s) loops
sp(s) space(s)
tbl through back loop


alt alternate
approx approximately
beg beginning
CC contrasting color
cont continue
foll follow(ing)
MC main color
pat(s) pattern(s)
prev previous
rem remain(ing)
rnd(s) rounds
RS right side
sk skip
st(s) stitch(es)
tch turning chain
ws wrong side
yo yarn over
yoh yarn over hook

Brackets and Stars

[ ] follow all directions inside brackets as many times as indicated before moving on

( ) follow all directions inside parenthesis as many times as indicated before moving on

* repeat directions from * to * as many times as indicated

** repeat directions from ** to ** as many times as indicated

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