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"I must say : I love your videos and explanations! They helped me a lot. I tried different websites and you are by far the best! Thanks!" - Sophie
"I'm always interested in more modern crochet sites - 33 year old mother of 2 who has been crocheting for years and hates the "granny" stigma that crochet has had and love that it's losing it. Thanks" - Raylinda
"Just wanted to say that I learned how to crochet this past Tuesday taking a break from studying for finals -- thanks to you! I've been knitting for about two years, and had put off learning to crochet because every time I tried to get started, I got lost in trying to find the right stitch to pick up. Your videos and instructions made learning enthralling and wonderfully simple - I'd watch, give it a try, say "Ohhhhh! I get it!", and then happily continue. Thank you a million times over. Can't wait to see where it takes me! " - Amanda
"Your site is amazing. I have been trying for months to learn to crochet and all I could do was a chain stitch and then I was LOST! I had gotten every book at the library. I had looked on websites. The videos I could find only showed a stitch or two. Others suggested finding someone that could crochet and sit with them for a few hours. I don't have a few hours to sit and learn; I'm the mother of five kids. I was about to "throw in the towel" on learning to crochet when I stumbled upon your site. After watching the video once and then a second time while doing it, I could crochet. Your videos are amazing. It is like having an experienced crocheter sitting next to me and teaching me. AMAZING! THANK YOU" - Jackie
"I love your site! I am 29 and teaching myself how to crochet. The videos are so helpful! I was trying to learn just by pictures and instructions in books and I was just not getting it. So thank you! " - Marie
"Want to say that I am glad to have found this site, love it! Looking forward to visiting it a lot and getting soon started with some new crocheting projects. Glad there is someone that does want to teach new things well! Thank you!! " - Karen
"Thank you thank you so many times. I taught myself to crochet, I consider myself a very beginner and thanks to your tutorial I can "comprehend "the terms. I am still learning and hope to continue enjoying your video." - Maria R
"I am a 30 year old father, husband, and I work for two fire department's, so my time is very limited. Your video's have made learning to crochet easy for me.I just wanted say thank you very much." - Brad
"This is wonderful! I am new to crochet at 53 years. I took one 2 hour class and left it totally lost; your web site videoes have done it for me - I can crochet!" - Pam
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your Tunisian crochet tutorial videos are wonderful. I have struggled with written instructions and never been sure that I was making the stitches correctly. Thank's to your videos, I can now see exactly how they are made. " - Keith
"You will never know how thankful that I am to have found your website. 4 years ago when I had a heart attack I found myself with nothing to do, so I took up crocheting, 4 years later, and many afghans later, I found your website, only to see that a lot of what I have been doing was wrong. Now I am once again excited about re-learning the art. Many Kudos to you!!! The videos are wonderful. I was actually sitting here today laughing (as my husband laughed with me) when I told him that it was no wonder I could never get the same pattern to look the same twice! Thank You for opening up a whole new world for me!! " - Karen S
"Lovely patterns, fabulous videos. Thanks so much!!" - Jeannine
"I love the videos on the website, they have helped me alot. Thanks!" - Barbara
"Hi, I've just discovered your website. I think it is the best I've seen. Not only do we get to see how it is done, but also hear you explain it. Now I can try some of the stitches that I always wanted to but couldn't quite get it from a book. Want to try the tunisian stitch and some of the others.Love the audio part! Great website." - Dianna
"I've been able to use your sight in helping my boyfriend learn to crochet. He loves knowing that the site is here even when I'm not..." - Jamie
"Your videos for Tunisian crochet are a wonderful help. Thanks, it really motivates me to start on some Tunisian crochet." - Susan
"I just wanted to thank you SOOOO much for your tutorials on tunisian stitches. I started an afghan for my grandson 5 years ago and just couldn't figure out some of the stitches. Since I didn't have the heart to pitch it, I hid it under the bed.....but thanks to YOU....I am now completing it!!! What a lifesaver. I will be shopping on your site because of all your wonderful help!!" - Mary Ann
"I came across your web site just by looking for explanations on how to do a certain stitch. I found your tutorial very informative. Thank you." - Carole
"Thank you so much for your web page. I haven't been able to find a book with all the stitches for crocheting and I found your page. I'm fairly new at this and I love the videos that explain things so much better than trying to follow written directions." - Sharon
"I really love your site and all the free video how to's, I've just started to knit and the other craft I've always wanted to learn was to crochet. I just know that with your help I'll be crocheting in no time." - Angel
"A really wonderful site. Thank you so much. I loved the videos on the Tunisian variations. A lot of work went into this... and we appreciate it." - Bette
"The Tres Couture Wedge Shawl is gorgeous, my fiancee loves it. Love all your patterns." - Veronica
"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Your crochet videos are awesome. I've been trying to learn how to crochet using a book and it's practically impossible to know if I'm doing it correctly." - Stacy
"Your website is one of the best that I have seen. Your tutorial surpasses that I have seen." - Teresa
"Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for you video tutorials. While I'm not new to Tunisian crochet, I could only do the basic stith and reading the instructions for other stitches is nothing like SEEING them. I had to pass on doing some beautiful projects. Now I've just finished a pillow bordered with the purl stitch and basic stitch in center. I've had several requests for this item and an afghan to match. Again THANKS!" - Mela
"Amie, you have the absolute BEST tutorials on the web for tunisian. I never really "got it" until [after] watching these." - Melissa
"I just want to send a heartfelt "thank you" for your website! I was trying to learn the tunisian stitch from a book, and after two days of working with the instructions, I was still doing it all wrong. All I had to show for my trials was a piece that looked like it was being worked on circulars!

I used the search, and found your website. The video tutorials are absolutely wonderful and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to actually SEE what I was supposed to be doing! I'm so excited that you also have photos to click on that show what the stitch will look like once 10 or so rows are completed.

Thank you, again. I'm sure I will spend lots of time on your site, learning the different tunisian stitches. And, I'm passing the address along to my yarning buddies, too!" - Vikki

"I think your patterns are WONDERFUL!!! With a capitol W!!!" - Sami
"I am an avid yarn artist, i.e. I spin my own yarn, freestyle. I am teaching myself to crochet, and I have found that out of all the sites available to me, yours is the absolute best! REALLY! THE best! Thank you so much! Thanks to you and a little crochet instruction booklet from Walmart, I am LOVING crochet! I cannot thank you enough for the time you've contributed and the skill you exibit in making this site a real dream come true! I wish you all the best with this, and every other project you come up with. - Romi
"Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your Tunisian Videos! They have helped me understand sooooo much and I feel very enthused now that I can actually make something!" - Kathy
"The instructions on the patterns are the most complete I've seen in the forty years I've been a needleworker. One would almost think you were a database designer in a former life!" - Julie
"Thank you for your swift transaction. I was pleasantly surprised when the pattern arrived so soon. I can't wait to start. Wonderful tutorials and thorough explanations." - Miki
"First, thank you for your website. I have been trying to learn to crochet by reading, and I could not do it. Even a few years ago, when someone was trying to show me, I couldn't get it. Something about your videos has made it possible for me to learn. Please keep the videos coming if you are an incredible teacher." - Viktoria
"I really like the way you provide such explicit visual instruction in your patterns. It is a very helpful and innovative idea." - Georgi
"Your designs bring crochet out of the dark ages!" - April
"I'm very much enjoying the Tunisian crochet and the scarf is coming out beautifully! I'm so pleased! I bought another of your patterns." - Paulette
"Wonderful videos!!!! Thank you soooo much, I have been so frustrated with written instructions...Nothing beats a visual as far as I'm concerned." - Norma

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