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  Get a Grip! How to Hold a Crochet Hook and Yarn
There are many ways to hold a crochet hook and yarn. Finding which approach feels most natural to you is important. In addition, consideration must be given as to whether you are a left-handed or right-handed crocheter. Let's start by looking at the two predominant methods for holding the hook.

The first one I like to call the Underhand Method. This is the same as holding a pencil to write, and is utilized most often for delicate lace crochet work.

left-handed underhand grip right-handed underhand grip
The Overhand Method is another way to hold the crochet hook. This is similar to using a knife to cut food, but with the added benefit of leverage from the remaining three fingers. This technique is widely used, especially with heavier yarns.
left-handed overhand grip right-handed overhand grip
After you have choosen the best hook holding method, move on to deciding which yarn holding technique is right for you. The goal here is to gain a consistent tension of the yarn while crocheting. Proper tension will help you achieve the accurate gauge according to the crochet pattern you are using. Let's look at two popular yarn holding techniques.

The Pinky Wrap Method, which is achieved by circling the little finger with yarn, is one way to gain good tension.

left-handed pinky wrap method right-handed pinky wrap method
Another way to gain tension on the yarn is to use the Index Finger Method. This involves wrapping the yarn over the index finger, grasping the dangling yarn with your pinky and ring finger flush up against the inside of your palm.
left-handed index finger method right-handed index finger method
Once you have a comfortable grip on the yarn and hook, move on to learning how to make a chain stitch.

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