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Cheer to Science! And Beer. Dogfish Head Beer, that is.

I nearly forgot to blog about this amazing event my husband and I went to last month called, “Cheers to Science: A Drinkable Feast of Beer, Biotechnology and Archaeology” hosted at Mario Batali’s, “Eataly” in NYC. What an amazing event! If you’re into the science of beer making, it was worth  the hassle (and the coin) […]

Ravelympics 2012: US Olympic Committee DENIGRATES Crocheters & Knitters Alike

The US Olympic Committee has gone and done it again. They’ve managed to stoke the fire of yet another marginalized group of people: crocheters and knitters. Apparently intentionally underfunding the Paralympics and their treatment of the Cowichan Tribes during the Vancouver Games wasn’t enough, but now they’ve focused their laser beam sites on Ravelry, a […]

Beer and Hook Jaunt into NYC: How to Spend a Perfect Afternoon in the City

I arrived home from work on Wednesday afternoon with contained excitement about the impending 4-day weekend coming up, wanting to do something with the time instead of wasting away sitting here at the computer. A jaunt into the city to partake in some beer and hooky delight with my husband and our friend, Steve, was […]

Super Sidekick Kitty Helps Me Watercolor Paint

This kitty cracks me up. Her silliness is boundless. She continually does things that make myself and Mr. NexStitch laugh, smile, and otherwise forget the everyday stresses of life. Case in Point: Last month I decided, after seeing a picture of some watercolor/pen&ink driftwood paintings in a book, that I’d paint some of the driftwood […]

High-Def Crochet Tutorial Videos in the Making (Or, “How I Managed to Spend the Last Two Days of My Spring Break.”)

V-Day. It’s here. No, not Valentine’s Day all you lovers. Video Day. The day I finally start re-shooting all my crochet videos in high definition. The Husband bought an HD camera several months ago and I thought it was high time these videos get a make-over. Or, perhaps a complete do-over. Gear 1. Flood lights […]

And the NEW Winners of “Custom Crocheted Sweaters” are…

So, I searched high and low trying to get in contact with the first two winners of the giveaway, but could not get in contact with them. I really, really tried!  So the new winners are… Rebecca J who said, “I’ve made several sweaters for me and have had to either frog them or give them […]

And the Winner of “Custom Crocheted Sweaters is…”

Jenn McMillan! Congrats Jenn! Your post to Pinterest won you the book. Please send me an email at blog[at] and I will get your contact information over to the fine folks at Lark  Ohhhhh, but I’m not done yet, folks. Nope. Not done. I have an extra copy of the book to give away. You […]

Review & Giveaway: “Custom Crocheted Sweaters: Make Garments That Really Fit” by Dora Ohrenstein

ENTRIES FOR THE GIVEAWAY ARE NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who participated! I enjoyed reading all your responses. A winner will be selected at random later on today. Good luck everyone! REVIEW Making crocheted sweaters can be a daunting challenge for a novice wanting to improve his or her skills. It’s risky business to spend lots […]

Another Warm, Beautiful Winter Day in New Jersey

Winter? Warm? Oh yes, people. It’s been warm and it’s been lovely.                       Really lovely.                       Like 70 degrees lovely.                       I had a few […]

A Shopping We Will Go.

Here are a few things I’ve been gathering here in the office once I’m ready to start decorating. I’ve been hung-up on what to do for a side table and shelves. I think I’ve gone round-robin on all the possibilities countless times.                           […]

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